Tim Quinn & Kathryn Hargreaves

XX (To Do) Featuring: ArsFidelis
(Tim Quinn and Kathryn Hargreaves)

The search pattern "xx" is one that rarely comes up in text (or computer programs, unless you're programming Multivariate Calculus), so it is a good breadcrumb to leave behind to mark deferred things to do. Thus, the mark becomes a proxy for action, an indication of potential, a faint glimpse of what could be. We all know that results often fall far short of imagined goals. Somehow, the plan is finer than the thing. The dream inspires where the reality deflates.

Can we celebrate possibility without spoiling it with pragmatism? Can we use the glimmer of hope and avoid the inevitable SNAFU? We propose to do just that: supply glorious potential in the infinite volume that is its natural state.

Arsfidelis is a method to chaotize cognition so as to upset ideation algorithms, with the goal of regeneratiing neo-inkling parameters with persistence. Faith in art.

The live art duo ArsFidelis was formed in 2003 at UCLA. The two artists improvise in a freeform Dadaist manner.

Tim Quinn: http://timquinn.name/
Kathryn Hargreaves: http://arsfidelis.org/dangerouscurve/k/

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