Joseph Santarromana & William Roper

Bleu, Les Malambing: an installation

In this exhibition Les Malambing, an ongoing collaboration between Joey Santarromana and Bill Roper, further explore the relationship that began with Malambing Thang.


Les Malambing's collaboration began with a series of three works that included two installations and a live performance that sought, identified, explored and expanded representations of personal history (real and mythic), identity, culture and geographic location. The interaction between their distinct personalities is marked by tension and humor.

The color blue while inducing feelings of calmness and serenity can also call forth emotions of sadness and aloofness. Perhaps strangest of all, it is the color of loyalty. Bleu, as a meditation on alienation and self-knowledge contrasts the antic jinks of Les Malambing's past collaborations.

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