September Kamikaze Shows, Week 2

Mon., Sept. 7, Michael Gomez Burton:
Avarice & Accolades:
Interpellation Re-assessed ...and the chymes of other Musings
Tues., Sept. 8, Danny Shain: 09/08/09,
Wed., Sept. 9, Fatima Hoang: ...sell my old clothes I'm off to heaven,
Thurs., Sept. 10, Mark D. Lyons: Drafting and Photography
Fri., Sept. 11, Echo n. Echo v., Curated by: ACP and Independent
Art School: Jenn Berger, Daniel Ingroff, Billy Kheel,
Nathan McChristy, Evan Walsh
Sat., Sept. 12, She Killed Kurt Curated by Isaac Hull:
Tami Demaree, Steven Hull, April Totten, Donnie Stroud,
Sun., Sept. 13, Matt Wardell: 'No Woman Likes Anal' and Other Lies My Mother Told Me.

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213 4881280,,,

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