Barbara Benish

Miscellaneous: Out of the Attic

If the body is termed in living spaces, then the sub-conscience is often
referred to as the "attic" in our psyches. Here is where our past and
dreams and hidden things are stored. In keeping with HK Zamani's Kamikaze
theme at the PØST Building, I am inspired to delve into the past and bring
it to light. The space has memory in L.A. art history, but also a personal
history from our times there in the late 80's and early 90-'s before I left
the U.S. to live in Prague. The installation "miscellaneous", presents
hundreds of drawings and works stored in the attic over a 35-year period of
art making. They illustrate travels and adventures from Mexico, Hawai'i,
Sweden, L.A., Paris, and Prague, and document private journeys to heaven
and hell. Now reworked into one installation, the pieces become a whole and
nothing again, erased and re-recorded.

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