Fatima Hoang

...sell my old clothes I'm off to heaven
Fight or Flight. With the title of this piece taken from a song, the words call on the romanticism of “leaving it all behind.” Combining several symbols of flight - the shopping cart, the wings, and the instructional audio tape on remote viewing - the poetic is immediately met with reality. The chrome shopping cart is grimy and shows signs of wear, the wings are of cardboard, dowels and rope and glue. And the audio, from a cassette tape, is being played on a cheap naked tape player heard through a discarded speaker. Combined with ad-hock mechanics, the beauty of soaring through the air projected onto the cart is faced with clunky and clumsy movement of it all, only to never get off the ground. With what could be the last vestiges one’s personal items in the air departed from the cart, the story stands the same. . .to sell my old clothes because I am off to heaven.

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