Linda King

Excerpts from a collage series

Process is a large component of the work. The abstract collages suggest a sense of time and memory. They are companion pieces to her oil paintings. The collages are created from her palettes , lift-offs and rubbings from her paintings.

Since 1991, Linda King has lived and worked in the Los Angeles area. From 1984-1991 she lived and exhibited in Chicago, Illinois where she taught at The Art Institute of Chicago, The University of Illinois, Chicago and Columbia College. Ms. King has an extensive exhibition record that includes national and international exhibitions. Her recent oil paintings on multiple wood panels have been included in the “Flow” exhibition at the Riverside Art Museum and also in a one person exhibition “Fragments” at Cypress College Art Gallery.

From 2001 to 2003 Ms. King created two year long projects; “The Drawing Project” with 1,030 pieces and “The Color Project” with 1,606 pieces. Each project required making at least one image on 11”x 8 1/2” vellum per day. Many days multiple images were created. The projects have been extensively exhibited and installed in many different formations.

Current work and projects may be seen at

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