Mark Lyons

Drafting and Photography
Work of Mark D. Lyons.

The subjects photographed in this exhibition are industrial architecture, vehicles and the body.

The multiple exposures are carefully assembled within the camera, on location, by partially advancing the film and re-exposing it. Work prints are made from the transparencies and then drawings and designs are constructed from them.
This mode of thinking is also explored further in creating digital and analog music by working with the forward moving noise rhythms of CD skips.

Abstraction occurs through duration like trying to hear a piece of music in half the time. Or inversely like taking 10 seconds of a musical transition and listening to it incrementally – you hear one second of sound, the first in the sequence, the second second you hear is the first second minus a tenth of a second at the beginning and plus a tenth of a second at the end – this subtractive and additive recursive process is played out until the full ten seconds of the original source has been played through, thus making the piece 100 seconds long.
3 steps forward 2 steps back – repeat.

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