July 9, Jay Lizo

Tyler Waxman curated by Jay Lizo

PØST / Kamikaze Exhibits
1904 East 7th Place
LA CA 90021

Tyler Waxman's, "The Innocence of Becoming"
Opening July 9th
Reception 7 p.m.- 9 p.m.

PØST is proud to present, "The Innocence of Becoming", a one night
solo exhibition by Tyler Waxman curated by Jay Lizo. Tyler is a process
driven artist in which his drawings are composed of a conglomeration of
obsessive mark making. Working as an artist and clinical psychologist, he
attempts to explore the conscious and unconscious workings of the mind. In
his large-scale drawings, Tyler lies on top of the paper on his studio
floor, while making meditative ink marks using a bamboo quill. The
drawings have an all over look, reminiscent of Mark Tobey's "writing"
paintings. Though, Tyler's work moves away from Tobey's as the marks start
to form into organic shapes and abstract landscapes. This starts to reveal
the artist's unconscious imagery and explorations. The show consists of
two large-scale drawings and a handful of smaller drawings. The works on
view act as a sort of visual diary of "automatic" mark making, revealing
the artist's most vulnerable moments in the studio.

Tyler Waxman received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from University California
of Santa Cruz and a Doctorate in Psychology from Alliant University. Tyler
has shown his drawings and paintings locally at spaces such as Sea and
Space, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, and Monte Vista Projects in Los
Angeles and internationally in Stockholm at Loyal Gallery, in Leeds
England, and Amsterdam Holland. In addition, Tyler Waxman is on Medical
Staff at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and provides clinical treatment
for high-risk adolescents.

July 2011 Kamikaze Exhibits:
In the month of July, PØST will present thirty-one different exhibits. The
July 2011 Kamikaze exhibits continue in the same tradition of
thirty or thirty-one Kamikaze exhibits that were presented at PØST in
September of 2009, July 2010 and January of 2011. Difficult times
invite difficult gestures. By design, these exhibits remain close to art
and distant from the other stuff. A book will be produced for each
Kamikaze month.

Kamikaze Artist-curators:
Daniel Aksten, Young An, Dawn Arrowsmith, Kireilyn Barber, Nathan
Bockelman, Kathrin Burmester, Carolyn Castaño, Angel Chen, Alice
Clements, Marjan Hormozi,Bettina Hubby, Susan Joseph, Alice Könitz, Kristi
Lippire, Jay Lizo, Farrah Karapetian, Karen Lofgren, Barry
Markowitz, Sandeep Mukherjee, Chris Oliveria, Jim Ovelmen, Dylan
Palmer, Joan Perlman, Mary Anna Pomonis, Danny Shain, Alysse
Stepanian, Coleen Sterritt, Steven Lee Stinnett, Devon Tsuno, Denver
Tuttle, HK Zamani.

For more information contact HK Zamani at 213 4881280, or
new@post-la.com, PØST 1904 East 7th Place LA CA 90021 USA
www.post-la.blogspot.com, http://www.postlosangeles.org/, or facebook

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