July 11, Dawn Arrowsmith


Curated by Dawn Arrowsmith, Nancy Spiller, and Jill Sykes

Venice, Italy is a living stage. Its history of concealed identity through costume and mask is replete with subversive activity and transgressive assignation. For three working artists visiting its famous contemporary art production, the 53rd International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, it was important to join in. We would curate a collateral group exhibition and guerrilla art intervention as a collaborative work of art. A number of artists were willing to be a part of it:

Ada Pullini Brown, Dean DeCocker, Roni Feldman, Bianca Eveliz Garcia,
Suvan Geer, Phyllis Green, Doug Harvey, Linsley Lambert, Keith Lord, David Luce,
Clint MacKenzie, Mery Lynn McCorkle, M.A. Peers, Katie Phillips, Ave Pildas,
Alison Rash, Roland Reiss, Nancy Spiller, Deborah Sussman, Jill Sykes,
Sylvia Tidwell, Rachel Warkentin, Deborah Yates and Dawn Arrowsmith.

The collateral exhibition, “NEL VOSTRO SPAZIO/In Your Space,” was installed in a temporary space called Giacomo Projects. Afterwards the Biennale itself was co-opted with “The Curatorial Placements” as documented in this exhibition.

Join us at PØST/Kamikaze, Monday, July 11, 7 – 9 p.m. for food, drinks and music of Italy. Ciao!

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