July 20, Young An

curated by Young An

Curatorial Kamikaze Exhibition
curated by Young An

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 : 7-9pm
PØST 1904 East 7th Place LA CA 90021
213 4881280, or new@post-la.com

*Please prepare yourselves to eat, drink, laugh, and have a great time talking about NIP. Free and ample parking available.

Nipsters: Young An, Jessica Beuge, Mary Browne, Lavialle Campbell, Beatrice Gonzales, Dephne Hill, Susan Joseph, Stacy Kiel, Stevie Love, Jonna Lee Pangburn, Laurel Rioux, Julie Scott, and Alexis Seely
HK Zamani the owner of PØST has invited me to curate a show a few months ago. Since then, I have gone over in my head of my art. I have thought of my fellow artists. I have thought of all the good times I've had with them all. Then, I thought of a word, NIP.
It was only natural for me to pick "NIP" as the title of our show. I make little things. I connect to personal experience. I care about relationships among. I was certain for my fellow artists to buy in to the concept that I treasure for because we are all living in and with it.

Nipsters(Artists participating in NIP) were asked to pick a definition, synonyms of, abbreviation of, or make up a meaning for NIP. The show will have a variety of genre in terms of medium. However, they all have a bonding concept of "NIP."

These are what Nipsters wrote about their pieces:

Young An, little me
Jessica Buege, A bit out of...
Mary Browne, To destroy the growth progress of fullfillment
Lavialle Campbell, A mere taste or smidgen of a larger quilt
Beatrice Gonzales, N I P
Dephne Hill, To nip or nipping to take part in a sexual or semi-sexual act almost always lips involving the mouth or lips
Susan Joseph, THE in Interplanetary language of pleasure
Stacy Kiel, A biting taste or tang, especially in some cheese. A small bit or quantity of anything. A nip of stave off hunger
Stevie Love, "Nip to tip" traces a meridian pathway from the nipple to the tip of the middle finger. It's the pericardium, or circulation -sex meridian
Jonna Lee Pangburn, "Pearls-some things that really used to irritate me." NIP- the anger in the but, coat it and coat it until it is no longer irritant. (The Nips love their pearls... find them soothing. The pearls have little nips, little nipples. Well the niper-snappers find those soothing too.)
Laurel Rioux, "Nipped in the bud"
Julie Scott, "Neurotic In Paradise"
Alexis Seely, Nothing is personal....nip


July 2011 Kamikaze Exhibits
In the month of July, PØST will present thirty-one different exhibits. The July 2011 Kamikaze exhibits continue in the same tradition of thirty or thirty-one Kamikaze exhibits that were presented at PØST in September of 2009, July 2010 and January of 2011. Difficult times invite difficult gestures. By design, these exhibits remain close to art and distant from the other stuff. A book will be produced for each Kamikaze month.

Kamikaze Artist-curators:
Daniel Aksten, Young An, Dawn Arrowsmith, Kireilyn Barber, Nathan Bockelman, Kathrin Burmester, Carolyn Castaño, Angel Chen, Alice Clements, Marjan Hormozi,Bettina Hubby, Susan Joseph, Alice Könitz, Kristi Lippire, Jay Lizo, Farrah Karapetian, Karen Lofgren, Barry Markowitz, Sandeep Mukherjee, Chris Oliveria, Jim Ovelmen, Dylan Palmer, Joan Perlman, Mary Anna Pomonis, Danny Shain, Alysse Stepanian, Coleen Sterritt, SLS, Devon Tsuno, Denver Tuttle, HK Zamani.

For more information contact HK Zamani at 213 4881280, or new@post-la.com, PØST 1904 East 7th Place LA CA 90021 USA www.post-la.blogspot.com, http://www.postlosangeles.​org/, or facebook
Tel: 213-488-1280

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