July 2011 Kamikaze Press Release Week One

Press Release
July 1, 2011 (Week One)

Exhibitions: July 2011 Kamikaze Exhibits
Thirty-one Curated Exhibits

Receptions: July 1 – 31, 7-9 PM, one each night

1904 East 7th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90021 USA
213 4881280


July 2011 Kamikaze Exhibits

In the month of July, PØST will present thirty-one different exhibits.
The July 2011 Kamikaze exhibits continue in the same tradition of thirty or thirty-one Kamikaze exhibits that were presented at PØST in September of 2009, July 2010 and January of 2011. Difficult times invite difficult gestures. By design, these exhibits remain close to art and distant from the other stuff. A book will be produced for each Kamikaze month.

Artist-curators are:
Week One:

(July 1) Devon Tsuno:
Case Study: Løs Angeles with
Brian Boyer, Justin Dahlberg, Calvin Lee, Susan Logoreci, Matt Logue, Alia Malley,
Omar Ogues, Greg Rose, Shizu Saldamando, Marie Thibeault,

(July 2) Carolyn Castaño:
Filmic with Ursula Brookbank & Jordan Biren,

(July 3) Danny Shain:
epiphenomena with Richard Diebenkorn, Jeff Kopp, Anders Lansing, Robert Levine, Trevor Norris, Chris Pate, Michael Pierzynski, Richard Serra, Danny Shain, and HK Zamani,

(July 4) HK Zamani,
Sound in Performance with Bahman Ghobadi, Jayne Parker, SRL, and HK Zamani

(July 5) Keaton Macon, (July 6) Kireilyn Barber,

(July 7) Alysse Stepanian,
what I don’t see can’t hurt me: the aesthetics of resistance with
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Kathleen Quillian,
Matthew Shain, Alysse Stepanian, Sarah Stolar
(July 8) Bettina Hubby, (July 9) Jay Lizo, (July 10) Daniel Aksten,
(July 11) Dawn Arrowsmith, (July 12) Farrah Karapetian, (July 13) Steven Lee Stinnett,
(July 14) Sandeep Mukherjee, (July 15) Marjan Hormozi, (July 16) Alice Könitz,
(July 17) Joan Perlman, (July 18) Alice Clements, (July 19) Kathrin Burmester,
(July 20) Young An, (July 21) Coleen Sterritt, (July 22) Kristi Lippire,
(July 23) Jim Ovelmen, (July 24) Chris Oliveria, (July 25) Barry Markowitz,
(July 26) Mary Anna Pomonis, (July 27) Karen Lofgren, (July 28) Denver Tuttle,
(July 29) Nathan Bockelman, (July 30) Susan Joseph, (July 31) Dylan Palmer

For more information contact HK Zamani at 213 4881280,
send an email to new@post-la.com, visit www.post-la.blogspot.com,
www.postlosangeles.org, or www.facebook.com/pages/PØST/127724447253272

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