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July 31—Mahara Sinclaire

Curatorial Statement:Mahara T. Sinclaire
Lazy Susan IV: Déjà vu Realism July 31, 2018 from 7-9pm
PØST      1206 Maple Ave. #515Los Angeles, CA 90015
Jodi Bonassi F. Scott Hess Frank Ryan Mahara T. Sinclaire Eloy Torrez
In early 2016, when viewing the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s “New Objectivity” exhibition of German Expressionist paintings, I was struck how the themes of rampant greed, violence against women, war profiteering, and a pervasive ennui were still in place and unresolved in our present-day society. I envisioned a show demonstrating and articulating these echoing issues and how they play out in the now.  My independent curatorial project “Lazy Susan” has often highlighted Los Angeles figurative artists over the years at various venues (Long Beach City College, POST, Glendale Community College). The intention of the series is to point to the powerful figurative vein in Los Angeles’ art history and to celebrate the hig…

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