July 28, Denver Tuttle

Curated by Emma Jurgensen


Looking at any work of art, I find myself in the position of expecting the unexpected, of coming upon some poetical turn or intrinsic characteristic that may affect the shape and tone of my experience, and of my own sensibilities. So these works excite me in that, beyond all appearances, they are neither made of glass, nor are they hewn or cast from any other transparent material. Rather, they are conceived as open-form constructions, crafted of thin, mirrored sheet materials set carefully vis-à-vis one another in order to achieve each form, and implied facet. The title for this Kamikaze, “Breaks in True,” hints at the ambiguities involved in creating this kind of sculptural trompe l’oeil, as well as the project’s allusion to transparent, weighted, and often fissured imagery. 

Performing a series of spatial and material transformations, each piece reappears in a space between the illusory form the work takes on, and the mirrored alignments and reflections taking place to bring the imagery about. Within this, the work offers reflection on an illuminated present and its apparent transitions through a series of unfolding moments in time.

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