July 3, Danny Shain

Danny Shain

HK Zamani

Jeff Kopp / Richard Serra

Richard Diebenkorn

Chris Pate

Michael Pierzynski

Anders Lansing

Robert Levine

Trevor Norris

Press Release
July 1, 2011

Exhibition: epiphenomena

Date: July 3
Hours: Sunday , 7 - 9 pm

1904 East 7th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90021 USA
213 4881280

In this exhibition PØST presents works found, made, or saved by Richard Diebenkorn, Jeff Kopp, Anders Lansing, Robert Levine, Trevor Norris, Chris Pate, Michael Pierzynski, Richard Serra, Danny Shain, and HK Zamani

An epiphenomenon (plural - epiphenomena) is a secondary phenomenon that occurs alongside or in parallel to a primary phenomenon.
The genesis of this show began many years ago when I was helping Richard Diebenkorn pack and move his studio from Santa Monica to Healdsburg. As we were working, Diebenkorn would occasionally offer up some thing he would rather give away than move, such as an old two step wooden ladder, or a random copy of the Paris Review. I said “yes” every time. At some point he was collecting up his paint trays, the palettes he mixed his paint in, ready to get rid of them. I asked if I could have them, rather than see them thrown away. Somewhat puzzled he agreed, but not before telling me that they were just developing trays, and I could get fresh ones just as easy. I replied yes, but I liked them the way they were. A fine example of “one mans trash is another man’s treasure”, Diebenkorn thought only of their utility to mix paint in, and I saw them as the poetic shadow to some of my favorite paintings. They are in fact both, which is why I prize them all the more.
In epiphenomena, I have tried to assemble a show of things, all found in the pursuit of art, but not made as the intended expression. In other words, these things are a kind of by- product, an aesthetic unintentionally realized on the way to somewhere else.

Danny Shain, curator

epiphenomena is one of thirty one shows in July as part of HK Zamani’s Kamikaze project at POST

Gallery hours through July are evenings, 7 - 9 or by appointment. For further information please contact HK Zamani at 213 4881280
or email new@post-la.com.

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