July 21, Coleen Sterritt

Curator: Coleen Sterritt

Ashton Amores

Dao Nguyen

Laura Goble

Sean Lueder

Eber Palomares

Kelly West

Tamara Mason

Luis Moreno

Stacey Myhren-De Board

Sean Lueder


July 21, 2011
PØST: 1904 East 7th Place, LA, CA USA 213-488-1280

Curator: Coleen Sterritt

Ashton Amores, Laura Goble, Sean Lueder, Tamara Mason,
Luis Moreno, Stacey Myhren-De Board, Dao Nguyen, Eber Palomares,
Kelly West

To wrap, to pour, to scatter, to pull, to cut, to drape -Richard Serra

Break it, stretch it, bend it, crush it, crack it, fold it. -Bruce Mau

Working in a wide range of materials and processes, these nine emerging artists closely adhere to a post-minimalist sensibility. They’ve set out on a path of discovery looking for the existent possibilities in the ordinary and mundane, the discarded and overlooked.

Through the transformation of such things as plaster, masking tape, glue, crushed cans, clay, newspaper, rubber, human skin, plastic bags, chicken wire, plexiglass, and old car parts we get glimpses of the personal and political with works that address issues concerning identity, contemporary culture, and wonders of the natural world.

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