Jessica Rath (July 9)


Ghost Appendages

curated by Jessica Rath


Ashley Romano
Attached, 2014
chicken wire, paper mache, tape, spray paint, rope 
dimensions variable

(front wall)

Ashley Romano
Breezy, 2014
hair, thread, wig cap, fan 
dimensions variable

(clockwise from entry)

Carrie Ungerman
(Top/bottom, left to right)
1,000s,  bandage,  fin, santa, pool, thumb, chair, mouth
all works 2014
sticker, pencil, gouache
14 in x 11 in

Phyllis Green
Old Shoes, 2010
mixed media
35 in x 18 in x 20 in

Phyllis Green
Little Limb (Museum Boerhaave), 2014
archival inkjet print
4.5 in x 6.75 in
edition of 5

Carrie Ungerman
betty blue, 2014
plastic box, plaster, wire
17 in x 22 ½ in x 6 in

Andrea Hidalgo
Andrea & Christa Discuss Current Events, 2014
ink on paper
14 in x 17 in (series of 14)

Andrea & Christa Discuss Current Events is a mini series of 14 anecdotal drawings about laughter, love, sex, stimulants and depressants.  Based on the absurd happenings of the accomplices Andrea Hidalgo and Christa Von Sydow, this series shares intimacy through it’s twists of truth, a play with interchangeable “who did what” language and an insistence on the imagery of beverages plus a penis* along with the associated conversation or action.  Is it more strange that these two women debate over the appropriate use the term “pegging” or that at least one of them always seems to have a wiener stashed somewhere in her purse?
* whether it is the representation of a dick or the representation of a dildo is up to debate.

Phyllis Green
Limbs/ Logs, 2014
15 in x 18 in x 20 in

Carrie Ungerman
Wig, 2014
sticker, pencil, gouache
26 ½ in x 10 ¾ in

(Back Wall)

Andrea Hidalgo
Two Things I Put Away When My Mom Comes Over … Or When I Bring A Date Home., 2014
ink on paper, ­­ 10 ½ in x 12 ½ in
IUD in a shadowbox 8 ½ in x 8 ½ in x 1 5/8 in (framed)

Two Things I Take Down When My Mom Comes Over … Or When I Bring A Date Home. shares that which is considered simultaneously precious and precarious to the artist.  Great pleasure is taken in the fact that the IUD, a sexual liberator and reliever of anxiety, oddly resembles a Christ on the cross.  Considered a blasphemous object, it is removed from sight when a religious mother comes to visit.  A drawing of two coffees and a dick*, both the portrayal of friendship and of castration, has long been an awkward discussion after being the first thing a guy is confronted with when he is taking a piss the morning after, seeing that it is normally installed over the toilet in the artist’s bathroom.
* whether it is the representation of a dick or the representation of a dildo is up to debate.

Carrie Ungerman
Girdle, 2014
plaster, wire, graphite
11 ½ in x 37 ½ in x 44 in

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Andrea Hidalgo:  
Carrie Ungerman:   
Phyllis Green:              
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Phyllis Green, Little limb (Museum Boerhaave), 2014, photograph 

GHOST APPENDAGES | phantom limbs, missing but more present than ever
Phyllis Green

Ashley Romano

Carrie Ungerman

Andrea Hidalgo

Baton handoff curation: Jessica Rath + Ashley, Andrea, Carrie, Phyllis

Carrie Ungerman, 
bandage, 2013, sticker, pencil, goauche

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