Dustin Metz (July 5)

We all know the past is represented as sepia tones and the present filtered through digital HD. The future however, will be seen here in Red Yellow and Blue.

In the future painters will be naked and translucent, but hairy. Their references will be old, yet direct. Statements will be visual puzzles that bounce around the edges of meaning. Limbs will not be tethered to bodies. And clocks will be blinding and stupid.

Between 2012 and 2014 I have made several future paintings, some of which will be displayed next week for one night only.

Some of the paintings can be seen here: http://dustinmetz.com/future

Future Clock(Yellow). oil on canvas and wood frame. 19x23in. 2013

Future Painter. oil on canvas and wood frame. 61x51in. 2013

Future Painting. oil on canvas. 30x28in. 2013

Future Palette(Blue). oil on canvas and wood frame. 23x19in. 2013

Future Reference. oil on canvas and wood frame. 56x43in. 2013

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