United Catalysts July 26

Works on Paper from the Skywheel Project
Opening – 7-9pm
A word from the artists – 8pm

About the Artwork: SACRED EARTH /SACRED SKY is a series of works on paper, including drawings, collage, and paper sculpture, created as part of United Catalysts’ long-term conceptual art project, the Skywheel Project. This project explores the design, building and launch of a space satellite, containing prayers and blessings contributed by people from around the world. Inspired in concept by the Tibetan prayer wheel, the Skywheel satellite will one day send out its myriad of blessings to every place on the planet as it orbits the earth for a thousand years.

SACRED EARTH / SACRED SKY is divided into two parts. The first, SACRED EARTH, explores portraits of sacred mountains, pairing them with significant mythological features of the sky. In each piece in the series, the orbit of the Skywheel satellite is shown arcing across the heavens. The second part, SACRED SKY, depicts designs for the Skywheel satellite, both practical and imaginative, and highlights text from the contributed blessings and prayers. Taken as a whole, the exhibition and the project it reflects invite one to imagine the possibility of a collective blessing for the earth.

About the Artists: Kim Garrison and Steve Radosevich have worked collaboratively as United Catalysts since 2001. Their conceptual art, installations and performances explore the connections between ritual, community, environment and the unknown.

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