Susan Joseph July 10

And how, now, to found, with the sacred & the profane - both of them - wore out
       The beak’s
there.  And the pectoral.
The fins,
for forwarding.
(excerpt: Letter 9, The Maximus Poems, Charles Olson)
Fred Hoerr
Susan Joseph

7:00 - 9:00 PM, Wednesday July 10, 2013

EXHAUST, part of the 2013 Kamikaze Series at PØST, is an installation of video montage by Susan Joseph and Fred Hoerr.  Joseph and Hoerr’s work, each a processing station of deeply felt yet inarticulate emotion, derive from the private study of a certain underbelly of the city of Los Angeles.  A setting in which just a glimpse of the contradictions: like industrial architecture, its weight and textures, or contrasts of scale and mass that overwhelm - and, the appearingly fragile life that flows through such sites; is somehow impossible to take-in and yet perfect.  

Susan Joseph
Video and sound has become a way for me to work in a performance-based or autobiographical mode.  I call this work ‘self-disrupting narrative’.   Using my home and neighborhood as the scene, I document my observations and performative actions.  Later, the video becomes the spur to memory.  And the memory is of not just the specific experience, but also my internal dialogue and bodily perceived reality of the moments.  Somehow, through editing, animating and the addition of an electronically generated sound track - the thing evolves into a kind of encapsulated memory or whole felt memory.   An encounter with the actual.

Fred Hoerr
My work results from remaining with ideas, objects and places long enough to allow the patina of time to become apparent, the water to become still enough to imagine the bottom of the pool.
I find myself drawn to juxtapositions of sacred and secular, immaculate and flawed, miraculous and mundane - and usually finding something more sublime in the latter of these pairings. to quote Philip K. Dick - "premise: things are inside out...therefore the right place to look for the almighty is, e.g., in the trash in the alley." a sort of urban spirituality, finding shards of divinity and beauty in piles of junk.

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