Alia Raza July 25


Thursday, July 25, 2013
7pm to 9pm

1904 East Seventh Place
Los Angeles, CA 90021

PØST announces Hypnotic Cascade Perfume, a one-night show of new work by Alia Raza. 

"There is terror behind haughtiness."  - Alain de Botton

Hypnotic Cascade is a fragrance that memorializes the video series The Fragile White Blossoms Emit A Hypnotic Cascade Of Tropical Perfume Whose Sweet Heady Odor Leaves Its Victim Intoxicated (2008-2010); it is made from natural aroma molecules, synthetic aroma chemicals, plant and flower absolutes and resins, and animal secretion tinctures. 

"Like an olfactory interpretation of Dorian Gray's portrait, Hypnotic Cascade smells of the anxiety inherent in self presentation, the dark side of luxury, the indolic note of mortality in night blooming white flowers," says Raza. 

The fragrance will be presented alongside a campaign video that touches upon the perception of perfume as a commercial product and comments on the marketing imagery of the fashion and beauty industries, from which the viewer learns to hide behind artifice in order to boldly expose herself. The video, featuring musician Liza Thorn, is described by Raza as "a low budget Dangerous Liaisons with the soul of Freddy Krueger."  

Also on view will be works made from perfume and ink on paper and glass.

Alia Raza's videos, films, photographs, and sculptures have been exhibited in group shows, screenings, and events at 303 Gallery, Greene Naftali, Moeller Snow, Renwick, and the Scope Art Fair in New York; Eighth Veil, Kreiling & Dodd, LAXART, Mandrake, Not To Be Reproduced, Roberts and Tilton, Showcave, Taylor de Cordoba, and TIny Creatures in Los Angeles; Colette, Palais de Tokyo, and Passage du Desir in Paris; Souvenirs From Earth in Berlin, the Design Museum in London, Palazzo Morando in Milan, Open Video Projects in Rome, and the Marfa Film Festival.


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