Jonathan Apgar July 4

Unsolved Mysteries 
curated by Jonathan Apgar

Dive into the Bermuda Triangle of summer art shows. Twenty eight adepts ponder the imponderable, the unfathomable, the unexplained, the inexplicable, the mysterious, the esoteric, the arcane, the paranormal, the cryptic, the enigmatic, the inscrutable, the impenetrable, the mystical, the occult, the uncanny, the puzzling, the baffling, the befuddling, the bewildering, the confounding, the confusing, the disorienting, the mystifying, the perplexing, the numinous, the profound.

Lilly Aldriedge, Theodora Allen, Joshua Aster, Sarah Awad, Leon Benn, Nora Berman, Kristin Calebrese, Cathrine Ahearn, Walpa D'Mark, Doug Harvey, Roger Herman, Matt Merkel Hess, Michael Kelly, Michelle Kim, Rebecca Kolsrud, Cyril Kuhn, Calvin Marcus, Paige Marton, Max Maslansky, Anne McCaddon, Adam Miller, Jane Parshall, Max Presneill, John Seal, Ryan Sluggett, Don Suggs, Christine Wang, Tessie Whitmore

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