Tuan Mami July 20

24-Hour Tension

One-person exhibit for a Kamikaze show at PØST

Durational Performance

This is about what we physically/mentally are dealing with.
This is about trying-dealing-facing-challenging between oneself and the others.
This is about the limited and unlimited.
This is about being conscious and unconscious.
This is about fragility-exhaustion-resistance-punishment.

Tuan Mami
Lives and works in Hanoi, Vietnam
Studied at Hanoi Fine Art University and currently is a visiting faculty at SFAI, San Francisco, CA
Email: mamiart@gmail.com  / Website: www.tuanmami.com

My interest lies in engaging in ongoing experiments as means to creating and exploring new conceptions of interaction and exchange. My works often present a view in form like two sides of a coin; one, analyzing the condition of our encounters with each other, which often is a critique of the present state of society; the other, responding to and attempting to shift or change current forms of relation. 
My work deals with questions about life, meaning and social interactions between people. I re-construct a situation into which I engage people or objects from particular reality to enter and involve with me in a social process. “Art is like a game” which transforms one thing into another whether it deals with a big issue or a neglected one. What is life? What is art? What is the artwork? Who is the artist? ... I consider doing art as a way of challenging perception, to work with and follow the fast changes in life. I challenge myself to see other sides of things and find relationships between life and art.
My works are site-specific, and re-constructional concept. I’m influenced by reality and I question it: what should we think to fit ourselves into the whole? I want to reconstruct a complex correlation between human desire and natural resource.

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