July 8, Bettina Hubby

Rachel Roske

Landon Wiggs

Bettina Hubby

Honest Mystique

There are common elements in our approach to abstraction and the title alludes to the familiar, but the familiar inspired by something else entirely and presented just as unexpectedly.

Hubby's collages hoard and reinvent the sculptural, provocative, culturally signifying forms and action-packed moments from everyday media – then puts them together into contrasting amalgams that are unlikely, jarring and humorous.

Roske’s drawings on canvas examine shadows. The elusive subject becomes substantial and positive as the shadows fall on, flatten and frame the object the canvas.

Inform in form. Wiggs approaches visual language through lyrical arrangements of form. He makes the most of looking with the translation between form and language, by observing the syntax of objects, and revealing novelty in the written word.

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