July 15, Marjan Hormozi

Too True …

Siri Kaur

Anne Fishbein

PØST Press release

Too True …

Faking the real is a seductive aspect of the postmodern culture and a major player in the concept of mass production. It tries to show off what it is not to gain status and trust, only to mislead you and then take from you.

Anne Fishbein’s Mannequins and Siri Kaur’s ‘Alter Ego’s show an ironic twist on the concept of fake authenticity. Jean Baudrillard writes, “We are living in an era in which the true cancels itself in the truer-than-true, the too-true-to-be-true," and the false "disappears into the too-false-to-be-false,"

There are many dimensions to Siri Kaur’s Superman. Christopher, (the actor playing the actor), has become Superman, and Christopher Reeves was never the Superman character, he was an actor assuming the Superman character. The original superman is a comic book hero. So it is the fake, faking the fake, while trying to be an original.

Anne Fishbein’s images of mass-produced mannequins undergo humanization. They are meant to sell merchandise but they have taken on an element of human vulnerability and hopelessness vital to the survival of our mass-produced culture. These mannequins have become the victimized consumers of the products they sell. Like Max Beckman, she closely pulls everyone in, including the viewer, but everyone remains unconnected.

The common thread in these artists’ works lies on that edge between what is real and what is fake, where you know what you are experiencing is not real, but you buy in to it.

Marjan Hormozi
July 2011

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