July 4, HK Zamani

Sound in Performance

Jayne Parker


Bahman Ghobadi

HK Zamani

Press Release
July 4, 2011

Exhibition: Sound in Performance, Curated by HK Zamani
Including footage by Bahman Ghobadi, Jayne Parker, SRL and HK Zamani

Date: Monday, July 4, 2011
Reception: July 4, 7-9 PM

1904 East 7th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90021 USA
213 4881280


Ever since attending the conference on Movement and the Visual Arts at the Getty Museum some years ago I can’t stop thinking about documentation and performance, how a camera, especially a movie or video camera, influences the performer.

The conference brought together a dynamic group of artists and scholars to participate in a day of lectures, dialogues, screenings, and performances that explored moments of intersection between the visual arts, dance, and other forms of cultural production.

Babette Mangolte presented "Movement, Motion, Velocity, and Stillness in Filmmaking," the importance of knowing a work well to have the ability to document it effectively, and also the urgency of a singular vantage point using for example in her film of Trisha Brown performing "Water Motor," 1978. Discussions argued toward optimality of documentation.

Peggy Phelan discussed movement in relation to a work of Eva Hesse, the migration of its components, apart and together. And Branislav Jakovljevic elaborated on The Energetics of Beuys's 'Coyote.’ All were very stimulating.

Using the energetics of that experience, in the exhibit Sound in Performance I thought to contrast sound next to sound, some more musical than noise, more refined than others, stretching the range of musician, to musician as actor, artist as performer, science kids as artist/performers. I worked intuitively with what seemed available to explore on this 4th of July, also the occasion motivated a touch of political for the moment.

Included in the exhibit is the footage from a SRL performance at PØST in 2002, films by Jayne Parker shown here in her exhibit Foxfire Eins in 2004, excerpts form the movie No One Knows About Persian Cats by Bahman Ghobadi, 2009, and Southern Veil that was a component of my exhibit Star Spangled Banner in Asheville, North Carolina in 2006.

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