July 2, Wayne Shimabukuro

Simple Pleasures

My fondest early memories are of time spent at my grandparents’ azalea nursery, the smell of cool damp earth in winter contrasted with hot, dry, dusty summers.  Mostly alone during the days, I explored the acres of green houses or followed the colonies of ants scattered around the property. Plants were everywhere, I loved it. I’ve returned to the process of making flower photographs time and again throughout my career.

However this portfolio is taking me in a new direction. Just as the botanist alters and refines flowers for specific results, I do the same on paper. I photograph a flower or group of flowers, then isolate the subject in photoshop to manipulate or refine, at times altering shape, structure and color. A background is chosen to create a field on which to construct a composition to realize the final piece. I like to explore the formal challenges of two dimensional space and work to expand my own as well as the viewer’s perception of a familiar subject.

16 June 2012

website: http://wayneshimabukuro.wordpress.com/z_flora/

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