July 7, Noah Haytin

July 2012
Los Angeles, CA
Noah Haytin exhibits at PØST (http://www.postlosangeles.org/)
Saturday July 7, 2012 7pm-9pm
Noah Haytin is a mixed media artist & art teacher who currently lives and works in both Los Angeles, California and Marrakesh, Morocco.
(RE)MIX presents new mixed media works fusing Haytin’s experiences growing up in California’s diverse urban spaces with traveling and living overseas for the last several years. During that period, his work began to reflect the visual influences, similarities, contradictions, and juxtapositions of international pop culture — especially that of the Rap/Hip-Hop music scene in which the artist was heavily immersed during the early 1990’s. It was during this time, now commonly referred to as “Rap’s Golden Age”, that Haytin, a young high school student developing his artistic talents, gained recognition for his work in the then exploding Bay Area scene. That experience would strongly inform his work and life for years to come. More recently, through international travel and his discovery of how much those cultural developments had influenced his generation at home and abroad, Haytin has visually remixed the current resurgence of “retro” music, style, and fashion from the 1980’s and 1990’s and infused it in his new work.
Utilizing mixed media collage, the works fuse detritus the artist collects from his travels with everything from paint, pen, ink, and graphite, to culturally traditional materials such as henna powder and fabric. Much like the quintessential remixed musical samples of rap, the mixed media works appropriate, re-invent, and re-present the world around them by shifting and restructuring the materials and their meanings in innovative and surprising ways.
“The late 80’s and on through the 90’s were a time when I was coming of age as a part of the so-called ‘Generation X,’ or in terms closer to my experience, the ‘Hip-Hop Generation’, as we are often referred to in the mainstream media. It was an exciting time when rap music was something raw, original, and edgy. The fashion trends and related artistic styles such as graffiti, airbrush, and album cover art were also developing simultaneously, and one informed the other, over and over, back and forth, as art imitated life and vice versa. This was the backdrop of my teens and early twenties, when my work really started to develop and reflect the cultural manifestations of the gritty, exciting, and often confrontational style that defined us. And this remix still continues today as hip-hop style evolves, devolves, and reinvents itself again and again.”
(RE)MIX is dedicated in loving memory of Linda A. Day & Ronald R. Lopez
For more information contact: www.noahhaytin.com 
or info@noahhaytin.com

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