July 6, Tom Krumpak

Opening – Paintings 7-8pm
                    Paintings and a set of music 8-9pm

JAPAN/ MODERN paintings by Tom Krumpak
THE HEADLINES   music by Remy, Matt, Greg and Tim
About the artwork- Japan/Modern is a series of paintings that combine design and structural elements found in traditional Japanese shoji screened and midcentury modernist American (USA), residential architecture. The paintings are begun by overlaying and tracing blueprints, building elevations, site-plot plans, landscape design, garden foliage, tools from hardware catalogues and contour line drawings of construction materials from job sites.
Self imposed systems of color distribution and sequencing, are established to insure an orchestrated, yet varied, visual rhythm, in each painting.
The construction site of a particular house is also thought of as poetically related to the “pictorial” construction site of the artist’s studio. Therefore, information from accumulated items found there such as, piles of books, musical scores, feathers, seashells, splatters of paint, may be carefully intermingled with the architectural data, to complete the painting’s complex structure. The studio, has a room for painting and a room for musical rehearsal and recording.

About the music- The Headlines, are a Venice, California folk-soul band. The acoustic guitar led five piece band uses rich harmony and intelligent original songwriting to evoke the authenticity of early Van Morrison albums like Tupelo Honey, while paying tribute to contemporary songwriters like Ryan Adams. The Headlines, are building a new, positive sound that reflects the diversity of Los Angeles and a desire to encourage progressive social change.

Contact info: chateautjrm@yahoo.com

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