July 31. Steven Irvin

A show of small paintings by Jimmie Oliver

Steven Irvin will performance for part of the opening.

James R. Oliver was born in Glendale, CA in 1937. He died in 2018 in Los Angeles. Inspired by a family member to start painting, “Jimmie” went on to study as an adult with John Altoon, Frank Lobdell, Nathan Oliveira, and others.
This selection of Jimmie’s works are part of his “unfinished” works which he wanted me to have. I am proud to have them and show them. Many pieces were shown last year, before Jimmie’s death, in “Overnight Success, “ organized by Tomi Sher.

Stevenmichaelarrts’ FIT is the latest permutation on the T-shirt pieces I have done over the years.  This version draws upon a few themes, chief of which is working as a Black man in an emerging less tolerant society, reacting to forces and situations that might compromise my position. Therein, however, lies the possibility for triumph through perseverance, focus, and chance.

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