July 19. Curt Lemieux

is a group exhibition underscoring an impulse towards materials and construction. Poured, Pealed, Poked, Dripped, Drenched, Ripped, Scraped, Torn, Twisted, Tied, Manipulated, Mildewed, Moved about, Encrusted, Cracked, and Caked. The artists allow materials and process to dictate form. The objects are generally worked and reworked overtime placing emphasis on visceral physicality.  

Sophia Allison, Mariel Carranza, Clifford Eberly, Mandy Lyn Ford, Kristina Faragher, Brian Getnick, Amy Green, Curt LeMieux, Chris Miles

Sophia Allison: www.sophiaallison.com
Mariel Carranza: www.marielcarranza.com
Clifford Eberly: www.cliffordeberly.com
Mandy Lyn Ford: www.mandylynford.com
Kristina Faragher: Instagram @kristina.faragher 
Brian Getnick: www.briangetnick.com
Curt LeMieux: www.curtlemieux.com

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