July 22. Robert Huerta


Who: Robert Huerta
What: New Works | Same Friends
When: July 22nd, 2019 7-9 p.m.
Where: 4654 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016
New Works | Same Friends is an exhibition by R obert Huerta, featuring recent works by the
artist and a collaborative effort titled open-case.access .
Several found objects form fragments of a story, threads of a memory, and traces of a body;
frames and photographs, local trash and family treasures, papelitos y pachanga become
‘things’ to be looked at, for a moment; autobiography gives way to archivalness: Who will sing
about you when you are gone? Where were you when we...Me haces falta pero yo por
pendejo no lo supe, no lo se todavía, a dónde te fuiste...
Open-Case.Access includes a curated collection of printed matter from close friends to the
artist. The project is both a tribute to the artist’s father (who collected notes and photographs
from his family & friends and took them everywhere he went inside of a suitcase) and an
attempt to create a system for archiving the memory of those closest to the artist via their
offerings to a collective and temporary altar. The transient collection of memories will be
available for viewing at https://opencase-access.neocities.org/ .
Participants include: Emily Baker, Sally Chung, Margarita Danielyants, Chloe Diaz, Anna
Eisnman, Carlson Hatton, Liz Hernandez, Catrina Mendonza, Jaime Munoz, Derek Prado,
Jimmy Saldivar, Sunny Samuel, Sler, Omar Solorio, Janet Solval, Nadia Talley, Camille Wong,
Dajin Yoon
Food and drinks will offered courtesy of the artist, and family/friends of the artists
This is the tenth year anniversary of the Kamikaze exhibits. In the month of July, PØST will present thirty-one
different exhibits hosted at MiM gallery. The 2019 July Kamikaze exhibitions continue in the same tradition as the
other Kamikaze exhibits that have been presented at PØST since September of 2009. Difficult times invite difficult
By design, these exhibits remain close to art and distant from the other stuff.
2019 July Kamikaze Exhibits Curators and Collaborators are:
July 1. Research for the Bermuda Triangle (Regina Mamou X Lara Salmon); July 2. Mike
Vegas; July 3. Gary Brewer; July 4. Laurence Rickels; July 5. Zeal Harris; July 6. KJ Baysa;
July 7. Eliot Reed; July 8. Malado Baldwin; July 9. Reza Monahan; July 10. Alice Marie
Perreault; July 11. Michael John Kelly; July 12. Arezoo Bharthania / Diane Williams; July 13.
Tim Lewis; July 14. Mariel Caranza: Encounter #55; July 15. Tahmineh Javanbakht / Sussan
Deyhim; July 16. Virginia Katz;July 17. Mario Vasquez; July 18. Eve Wood; July 19. Curt
Lemieux; July 20. Rory Devine; July 21. Barry Markowitz; July 22. Robert Huerta; July 23.
Lavialle Campbell; July 24. Marzieh Karimi / Anita Bunn; July 25. Michele Jaquis / Paul
Pattison; July 26. Katie Grip / Tessie Salcido Whitmore; July 27. Miriam Dym; July 28. Shirin
Bolourchi; July 29. Isabelle Le Normand; July 30. Labkhand Olfatmanesh; July 31. Steven Irvin
For more information contact HK Zamani at new@postlosangeles.org

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