July 2. Mike Vegas

Kamikaze show curated by Mike Vegas Dommermuth, featuring figurative art in a variety of mediums.
Music by Joe Baiza!

Artists:Cathleen Abalos, Joe Baiza, Chris Barnickle, Daniel Brodo, Tom Castelazo,
Lizvet Corral, Carlos Durazo, Tom Flaherty, James Gallindo, Derya Kadipasaoglu, 
Andrew Kovner, Maria Leon, Kalyane Levy, Don Lewis, JK Russ, Brittney Ryan, 
Richard Scully, Susan Sironi, Don Spicer, Frank Tiscareno, Mike Vegas, Joe Vigil, 
Doug Ward, Yili Chin Ward

Naked Nudes

If there is a universal subject in art, it is the figure.

From The cave painters, to the Renaissance masters, to Picasso, 
It is a timeless subject that allows us to compare artists and ways of looking across the history of art.  
The figure goes in and out of fashion, but never goes away.

At the most basic level  it is who and what we are: 
Take away the clothing that defines us, and we are all naked human beings, more alike than not.
The models are always more beautiful than the art.

The human form is one of the most difficult things for an artist to deal with.  You can't fake it.  We all know what people look like.
How to define living flesh? 
We are forced to confront our own mortality, staring at the perfections and imperfections of the human body.
We fight our own skills; we experiment; we make mistakes.  Sometimes we make something greater than we thought possible.
It might look like the model, or it might not. 

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