July 26 - Andrea Bersaglieri and Hagop Najarian


A mechanical device that serves to connect ends of adjacent objects.
We are living in an extraordinary time of polarization economically, politically
and socially. As a society we seem unable to find commonality with those with
whom we disagree. The world could use some unconditional love, and
understanding, and is in desperate need of finding that slippery balance of
commitment and compromise.

Art requires commitment. Relationships require compromise.
This dichotomy is the subject of the PØST Kamikaze exhibit: Coupling.
The artists that are included are also couples. The exhibit will investigate how
their work relates to each other (or doesn’t), how their processes balance each
other (or don’t) and their ability (or struggle) to find compromise in their
commitment to create.

“The day the power of love over rules the love of power, the world will know

Artists include: Siobhan McClure, Greg Rose, Hataya Tubtim, Sergio Teran, Kim
Abeles, Ken Marchionno, Kate Savage, Tom Miller, Jenny Phelps, Ben Evans,
Andrea Bersaglieri and Hagop Najarian.

A PØST “Kamikaze” exhibit curated by Andrea Bersaglieri and Hagop Najarian

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