July 18 - Jon-Paul Villegas

Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood

Jon-Paul Villegas, LA CREEPS with Mabel Moore
LA CREEPS is a collaboration of artists Kim Weller and Liz Walsh that started in 2016. It is an installation driven project that is site based. The duo has placed work across LA county, working with other artists from the LA area.

Mabel Moore is an artist from Lima, Peru, currently living and working in Los Angeles. Her work ranges from sculpture and painting to immersive sound installations and performances, focusing on shared morphologies and creating loose narratives that are constructed through a poetic logic.

Jon-Paul Villegas creates assemblage-based sculptural objects and installations from massive stockpiles of painstakingly accumulated detritus, traditional fine art materials, cheap consumer goods, and a variety of craft and hobby supplies.  His darkly comic works veer in and out of abstraction, often placing the viewer at the center of a swirl of competing meta-ruminations, stammering non-sequiturs, and shifting suites of categorically elusive physical forms to create environments that are simultaneously both vaguely familiar and uncannily otherworldly.

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