July 12 - Martin Durazo

Ex Novia/Ex Novio 

Ex Novia/Ex Novio is a body of work created in Oaxaca, Mexico at the El Laboratorio/La Curtiduria Residency June/July 2017.  There, Durazo collaborated with local artists and artisans to create diverse objects, limited edition woven fabrics, and large canvases that are painted with acrylics, spray paint, and colored pencil renderings embellished with cultural ephemera, including San Bartolo barro negro (black clay) objects, loom woven tapestries, and mezcal stains.

Two very limited lithographic print editions of 10 which were created at the La Curtiduria print collective will also be made available. 20 total prints of the same Ex Novia/Ex Novio title are presented according to the orientation for each edition.

A limited production shot of Mezcal chosen specifically for this show by the artist will be offered free with each purchase of a special barro negro shot glass for $40

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