Joseph Lee (July 8)

up in smoke…Joseph Lee vs. Santos R. Vásquez

up in smoke: Joseph Lee vs. Santos R. Vásquez

Commentary of the ephemeral and ephemera are what brings these two artists together. The exhibition is a welcomed opportunity to metabolize their own empirical and or anti-empirical practices and propose a potential for juncture and/or disjuncture while viewing within the same space. The driving force behind the work is a curiosity about the temporal and transitory state of pictures/objects.

Joseph Lee’s collages set up on table tops are marked with a sense of urgency. His interest in the genesis of an idea and/or fleeting moment is recorded as it was his last gasp of breathe. The conflation of time and space offers an interpolation of past artifacts, design, fashion and politics. A whimsical feel weaves through the simple gestures as a nod to verbal tropes and the one liner.

In a contemplative manner, Santos R. Vásquez asks us to consider and reconsider the possible expansion of meaning of the image and object. Various states of context and situation, variable presentation and printing methods combined with a slight perception shift provide an uncanny relationship to the human hand. It’s deconstructive manner of graphic elements over a span of time allows for a placing of culture and history in the present and now. The question is a statement and the statement is a question, ”history is smoke”…

For both artists, death seems to be a stare down contest in which one is waiting for the other to blink.

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