Joan Kahn (July 1)


Press Release
July 1, 2010

Exhibition: Transparencies
Joan Kahn: Recent Paintings and Prints

1904 East 7th Place
Los Angeles, CA 90021

In this exhibition PØST presents works by Joan Kahn, an LA based painter.

For the past ten years the studio work of Joan Kahn has consisted of paintings and digital archival prints. The paintings are oil enamels, varnishes, and sand on wood panel, one-of-a-kind and labor intensive, and the prints—which sometimes serve as plans for the paintings—are made in small editions, utilizing archival inks and papers. In this show at P∅ST, Kahn will show recent paintings and prints.

Transparent varnish over raw wood emphasizes areas of beautiful evocative shapes within the wood grain. These organic shapes are often areas of focus and areas to which Kahn’s geometric grid of colored rectangles and stripes respond. Referencing her memory of specific places, things, people, events and emotions is important as a strategy in the process of inventing the geometric grids. Kahn often names the paintings after the associations the wood grain shapes suggest. She is responding to the organic shapes in the wood with the geometric grid. It is a collaborative dance of the organic and the geometric, the natural and the human-made, which has further meaning because Kahn believes that we humans need to learn about and pay attention to our relation with the planet’s natural life.

Although Joan Kahn considers herself a neo-formalist, there is also an important spiritual aspect to these paintings. Kahn considers each composition a poem that commemorates the intensity of life’s experience.

Recently in Joan Kahn’s paintings there has been a shift to using more transparency in the orthogonal shapes and the color fields of the grids; thus the name of this exhibition…

For further information please contact HK Zamani at 213.488.1280 or email

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