Annie Buckley (July 30)


Reception: Friday, July 30, 7 – 9 PM

In this exhibition, PØST presents works by Wanda Boudreaux, Max King Cap, Kat Coyle, Helen Chung, Matthew Ohm, Dane Picard, Juan Velazquez, and Keith Walsh. Curated by: Annie Buckley.

Anarchy comes from the Greek and means “without ruler”. How this relatively neutral idea came to indicate the chaos and violence associated with it today is a study in history, psychology, and the exercise of human power. This exhibition seeks to explore another side of anarchy: the possibilities inherent in the organic organization of autonomous individuals acting freely and independently.

The first to identify his philosophy as anarchism was the Frenchman Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in the 1840’s. Proudhon’s conception of a society without a ruler, anarchy, was nearly the complete opposite of the bedlam now associated with the word; he conceived of anarchy as a harmonious and equitable society based on mutual aid, shared resources, self-determination, and true equality. These ideas played out in limited ways through the work and writings of anarchists including Spanish revolutionaries in the early 1900’s and Green activists in the 21st century.

This exhibition seeks an organizational framework based on anarchist principles including collaboration, independence, and mutuality. Artists and curator aim to co-organize every aspect of the exhibition, from inviting artists to planning and implementing the show and reception. In anarchist tradition, our small group is part of the larger cluster of autonomous artists, curators,and others, each offered the responsibility of shared space, PØST, by HK Zamani for the duration of their exhibition. Our exhibition is an experiment, albeit a relatively small and short one, in anarchist community. The results will depend on the ideas, actions, and choices of all involved. We invite you to the reception to look, discuss, participate, and offer your thoughts and presence.

Gallery hours and reception are from 7-9 PM. For further information please contact HK Zamani at 213-488-1280 or Annie Buckley at

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