July 16—Thinh Nguyen


Zeina Baltagi: Crowning, performance, 2018

Zeina Baltagi is a first-generation Lebanese-American artist based in Los Angeles. Her work explores and exposes the tensions within identity and social politics. She ritualizes materials into symbols of past memories and current political climate. The work reveals intimate transformations in relation to lived experiences with physical, economic and cultural mobility. She holds a BFA at Cal State Northridge and an MFA canidate at UC Davis.

Cacahuates Japonese

Cacahuates Japonese is an artist collective founded in 2012 by artists Aska Irie and Ichiro Irie in Mexico City. The collective is named after a popular snack in Mexico that translates to "Japanese Peanuts", although they are not sold or eaten in Japan. The group have performed and/or exhibited in venues such as Laboratorio Arte Contemporáneo, Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, and La Panadería in Mexico City, Sector Reforma in Guadalajara, Mexico; Museo de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires and Festival de arte emergente, Mendoza in Argentina; Museo Marte in San Salvador, El Salvador; Matucana 100 in Santiago, Chile; and Art 2102 and Xit Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

Long Long: National Anthem, live vocal performance, mini-concert series, 2018

Long Long is Thinh Nguyen reclaimed superego from childhood memories growing up as a girl. Nguyen is known for his intense controversial contemporary art performances. More recently with Long Long performed at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Human Resources, REDCAT, they are gaining critical attention for the heart wrenching vocal and throat singing and politically charged lyrics. 

Anaeis Ohanian: Objekthood: The Mammoth of Kua Hakké Springs, plastic and garments

Anaeis Ohanian is a time-traveling sci-artist and the creator of Objekthood, a series of science fiction stories told through her work. She traverses the interstellar timelines to bring back bizarre archeological and geological oddities. Often times her findings serve as cautionary tales of different possibilities from multi-dimensional universes of our precarious future. She is a second-generation Armenian-American with a BFA from Cal Arts, and currently based in LA. 

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