Katie Herzog, January 26

“Gravity is Always Attractive” premieres Herzog's most recent work,
“Our Picture of the Universe,” combining cosmetology and cosmology in
a shared vision of universe and title. Stephen Hawking's "A Brief
History of Time" is the foremost populist scientific text attempting
to democratize hermetic theories using pictures and words in lieu of
equations. Hawking's book begins with a chapter titled "Our Picture
of the Universe," which is read by Ximena Navarrete, Miss Universe
2010, in the audio recording playing in the gallery. Navarrete was
born in Guadalajara in 1988, the same year Stephen Hawking's "A Brief
History of Time" was first published.

Katie Herzog is an artist and librarian living in Los Angeles. Recent
solo exhibitions include "Informel" at Actual Size, "Architecture
School Dropout" at the Southern California Institute of Architecture
cafe, and "Ecstasy of Municipality" at Whittier City Hall.

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