Dane Picard, January 6

Littlewood's Circus

English mathematician John Littlewood's law of miracles states
that a person should expect a miracle once per month.
Littlewood bases this calculation on the definition of a miracle as
a one in a million event. I have long been enamored by the
ghost in technology and the presence of the human touch in art;
through this mathematical axiom, I attempted to put the pedal to
the metal.
In this body of work, I have attempted to augment the viewer’s
experience by creating a reality that is both commonplace, like a
subconscious memory of a television commercial, and at the
same time, as fantastical as faux quantum physics time travel
depicted in the next big sci-fi blockbuster movie. I strive in these
works to make art that brings the warmth of a lively conversation
with an old and trusted friend to the impersonal exactness of
electrons flowing across copper.
Thrilled by the DIY and open-hardware initiatives in recent years,
these works are a shift in my work, from an emphasis on video
back to electronics, my love affair that started circa first grade
with the first FM receiver I built. Shaped by the times and my
Pandora’s curiosity genotype, I am obsessed by hacking
everyday electronics and utilizing them in new and unique
My years in art school and love of drawing infiltrate my
carnivorous technological hunger and attempt to merge science
and art for the purpose of recontextualizing both creative
pursuits. I also want to open up a dialogue on the gap between
what is signified and the signifier. In the case of electronics, I am
aglow in the life and soul of electricity and code.

Dane Picard

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