July 3—Carl Baratta and Iva Gueorguieva

The day before the show we received notice from the Bendix that it will be closed on July 3rd. We hope to have the show either during July in a adjacent space or on August 1 at PØST.

The Wood Beneath The Drum
Iva Gueorguieva & Carl Baratta 
mixed media collaborative works on paper, 

"The Wood Beneath The Drum"

Iva and Carl have known each other for over two decades. They met in Philadelphia and both of them owe their initial projects to their fine art and art history studies at Tyler School of Art. Since then they have worked in their studios and traded ideas, techniques, and concepts as they have moved around the country and lived their lives. 

This show will be a reunion of the two artists, each reexamining several of their collaborative pieces made in 2006 in Chicago, and current work made in Los Angeles. In addition to the collaborative pieces, each artist has selected  individual works on paper and paintings from their own current projects to compare and contrast.

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