July 20—Maggie Tennesen

Ocean of Nectar
Tera Galanti, Emily Maddigan, Maggie Tennesen

Curatorial Statement:

Mind expands and contracts in constant motion.
Truth is always moving, we’re just trying to measure pieces until it is no longer there, until we realize that it is no longer true anymore.

Maggie Tennesen

The dense population of lines in my work reflects an inner environment as well. Waves emerge in heaped-up strings of consciousness, form, feelings, habits, and thoughts. They seemingly arise from nowhere, come into being, gaining mass and momentum, and, then, dissipate. They accumulate, gather and strengthen, bit by bit to form energy waves or particles.

Tera Galanti
The open hand is both a metaphor and an index of people in my life. On the hands’ surfaces, image fragments are loosely connected, akin to passing thoughts. My goal is to touch lightly and refrain from grasping.

Emily Maddigan
I am interested in making work than elevates material and process beyond expectation. Beach trash, leather, beads, sequins, and almost anything else at my disposal can be manipulated and re-interpreted to beautify or break down an object’s form. 

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