July 8, Marjan Hormozi

Marjan Hormozi

PØST July 8th, 2012

This series of drawings are based on J. M. Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’, in which some of the critical and thought-provoking moments in the story are addressed.
The crocodile swallows a clock, so when it approaches everyone can hear the Ticking, but it sometimes doesn’t tick, adding to the tension. This causes Hook, the most dangerous person on the Island to live in fear. The crocodile has a taste for Hooks blood and wants more.
Peter Pan bullies the Lost Boys and flies them to a dangerous place and teaches them to steal and kill. Most of them do get killed, and if they become too many, Pan thins them out.
Nana the faithful nanny, (who is a dog), is punished by her master and chained up in the yard as the child snatcher abducts the children while their parents are at a high-society party. She barks feverously to alarm the parents, but no one pays attention since she is of an inferior social standing.
Barrie’s tough-minded, unsentimental insight into the human heart and the bittersweet recognition that even our most secure emotional spaces are fleeting and can explode at any moment, reminds me of the fear, anxiety and uncertainty of the human experience post 9/11.

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