Ron Linden

Press Release
April 13, 2018
Exhibition:   Em_ty a solo exhibit of paintings by Ron Linden
                      curated by Peter Plagens

Dates: April 21 – May 12, 2018
Reception: Saturday, April 21, 7 - 10 pm
Hours: Saturdays, 12-5 pm, or by appointment

Closing Reception: Saturday, May 12, 6:30 - 9:30 pm


PØST is pleased to present a painting exhibit by Ron Linden curated by Peter Plagens.

“Linden moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1972, a move he claims siphoned the color out of his work.  Since then, most of his paintings have relied on a limited palette of bronze, rust, gray, charcoal and brown, elemental colors likely tied to the shipping yards and oil refineries of the landscape surrounding him in San Pedro, where he has lived (for almost three decades).  Living in this unassuming southern California harbor town affords Linden time to reflect on the familiar (dare I say timeless) qualities of uncertainty, revelation, wit and disquiet.” (Peter Plagens)

"One Southern California art veteran, Ron Linden, is also curating in the South Bay. His TransVagrant …  in San Pedro has hosted exhibitions for almost a decade now, specializing in rigorous, almost scholarly shows, primarily of painting. Be they solo, or group shows, Linden’s space has a severe eye for the reductive, the historical and the dedicated. Fearlessly championing Modernist forms and playing the long game with art history, TransVagrant exists in a context free from art world tropes that chase what was on the cover of last month's ArtForum. It is one of the crowning achievements of the South Bay, inspiring and informing the whole scene.” (Mat Gleason)

Ron Linden is a Los Angeles–based abstract painter, independent curator, and associate professor of art at Los Angeles Harbor College, Wilmington. He lives and works in the San Pedro area of Los Angeles.

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