2017 July Kamikaze Press Release

Press Release
June 30, 2017 

Exhibitions: 2017 July Kamikaze Exhibits
                    Thirty-one solo or group exhibits 

Receptions: July 1 – 31, 7 – 9 PM, one each night 

1206 Maple Ave. #515
Los Angeles, CA 9001

2017 July Kamikaze Exhibits

In the month of July, PØST will present thirty-one different exhibits.
The 2017 July Kamikaze exhibits continue in the same tradition as the other seven rounds of Kamikaze exhibits that have been presented at PØST since September of 2009. Difficult times invite difficult gestures. By design, these exhibits remain close to art and distant from the other stuff. In the future, a book will be produced for each Kamikaze month. 

2017 July Kamikaze Exhibit Artist-curators are: 

July 1 - Noel Korten: Big Sticks and Stones and other long-term engagements;
July 2 - Chris Trueman: TRAKR, including Christopher Kuhn, Brian Ricci, 
             Alison Rash,  Charles Alexander and Chris Trueman;
July 3 - Liz Young: Cindy Rehm and Tahmineh Javanbakht;
July 4 - HK Zamani: PØSTghøst@Bendix;
July 5 - Hadley Holliday: Superbloom, including Britt Browne, Carolyn Castaño, 
             Jason David,Hadley Holliday, Emily Joyce, Jarrett Mellenbruch, 
             Melanie Nakaue, Laurie Nye, Jay Stuckey;
             Live music featuring: Thomas Burkhardt, Jim Ovelmen, Jay Stuckey
July 6 - Shanna Waddell: Alice Foss Thorne, Works from the 90's
July 7 - Shabnam Yousefian and Kellan King: Shadow and Time;
July 8 - Tyler Waxman: Now Showing, Jonathon Hornedo, 
             w/ Anthony Bodlovic + Sara Chao;
July 9 - Andre Yi: Constructions;
July 10 - Carl Berg: Celebrity including Rene Holm and Cecilia Miniucchi;
July 11 - Salomon Huerta: Two by Two by Maria Rendon;
July 12 - Martin Durazo: Ex Novia / Ex Novio;
July 13 - Ali Kheradyar: Installation/Performance by Julie Tolentino;
July 14 - Helen Rebekah Garber: The Fecund State;
July 15 - Cima Rahmankhah and Lionel Sabatté: A Dusty Hair and A Hairy Dust;
July 16 - Chelsea Boxwell and Dakota Noot: The Cherry on Top;
July 17 - Andrew West: Freda’s Birthday with Hilary Baker, Sheldon Figoten,
   Rema Ghuloum, Andrew West;
July 18 - Jon-Paul Villegas: Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood, 
              with Jon-Paul Villegas, LA CREEPS with Mabel Moore
July 19 - Michael Gomez Burton,
July 20 - Proxy Gallery: Shirin Bolourchi and Alex Kay (Meshki Collective);
July 21 - Jeannine Shinoda and Ariel Brice;
July 22 - Helen Chung: Blind Spot;
July 23 - Lawrence Gipe: Kamikaze Dérive @ PØST (Nobody Walks in LA)  
                including Kim Abeles, Laura Atchinson, Gary Brewer, Nick Brown, 
               Eileen Cowin, Joey Forsyte, Bobbi Gentry, Lawrence Gipe, 
               Audra Graziano, Kio Griffith, Alex Kritselis, Jon Kuzmich, 
               Aline Mare, Thinh Nguyen, Don Porcella and Jody Zellen;
July 24 - Delbar Shahbaz;
July 25 - Kat Rodriguez: Verfremdungseffekt;
July 26 - Andrea Bersaglieri and Hagop Najarian: Coupling with Siobhan McClure, Greg Rose,

              Hataya Tubtim, Sergio Teran, Kim Abeles, Ken Marchionno, Kate Savage, 
              Tom Miller, Jenny Phelps, Ben Evans, Andrea Bersaglieri and Hagop Najarian;
July 27 - Julia Schwartz: night divides the day
              including Sarah Awad, Abdul Mazid, Julia Schwartz; 
July 28 - Gary Brewer: Blue 
               including Zeina Baltagi, Kelly Berg, Gary Brewer, Srijon Chowdhury, 
   Mark Dutcher, Rebecca Farr, Bryan Ida, David Lloyd, Aline Mare, 
   Andy Moses, Diane Nebolon Silver;
July 29 - Ezennwa Ukwuoma;
July 30 - Forouzan Safari and David Roy: United States To Iran Straight;
July 31 - Robert Miller.

For more information contact HK Zamani at new@postlosangeles.org.

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