David Bell (July 22)

To Have and To Hold

David Bell
Anthony Bodlovic
Aric Marcantonio
Jaime Knight

I didn't mean it, but you did, and I felt the same secretly (I hoped you did, but I knew it, too), but I couldn't hide that, I mean I told you everything anyway. I will continue to find this impulse uncanny, while accepting it all the same. You even edited this, asked me what I meant by that, then found another way to word it; in fact you practically convinced me where I was going with it, not so much finished my sentence more like started it, and helped me realize how I should end it, but I am so awful at finding a place to end.

But I totally get it, you see in me what I see in you. I mean we knowingly jumped in to this without giving it much thought (we are mirrors of each other's vices). It felt right, in the moment, and we both like living in the moment right? Or maybe we just can't help but react to it. Seems difficult to believe now with all the planning that's been involved. But we'll figure it out. You're good at organizing and I'm pretty good at making things happen ('exceptional is more like it') -- bringing people together, ya know, that sort of thing...

Anyway we've got plenty of time; were you planning on calling me or was I suppose to call you? I can't remember since the last time we talked, which seems absurd to some degree but our conversations tend to hover over me with dense circulation. I often find difficulty in assigning our words a time or place. I had this idea with the press release but I wanted you to look over it and see if you had any suggestions. Don't I always?



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