Nguyen Thanh Truc’s Residency Kamikaze Exhibit

In his previous works, Truc’s primary concern was exploring the relationship between space and atmosphere with the changing effects of light. Incorporating materials such as mosquito netting, string and paper, the artist created calm, poetically resonating paintings. Truc’s recent monochromatic series marks a departure from these earlier mixed media canvases. His latest paintings are commanding in their reduced, ordered and precise constructions. The heavily built-up paintings on canvas and board have a enormous density that is disproportionate to their size.

“Painting is a sequence of experience. I usually work on many paintings at once. I try to simplify as far as possible the colors, figures, and lines in my paintings.”

The work of Nguyen Thanh Truc is often an amalgam of methodical and logical development balanced with elements of free expression. This creative process reflected in the conflict and harmonies present in Truc’s work. It can be read as contradictions between human development and the natural erasure of this development.
(Text from Nguyen Thanh Truc’s profile on Galerie Quynh website)

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