List of July Kamikaze Shows

July 1, Joan Kahn, Transparencies
2, Alison Kudlow, From Here to History
3, Hilary Baker, Arvuli
4, Tricia Lawless Murray, from the series Cut Out
5, Neal Rock, 07/05/10
6, Marjan Veyghan, April 20, 2010 (who got fucked up?)
7, Peter Frank, Bilateral events (1975/2010)
8, Joseph Lee, up in smoke: Joseph Lee vs. Santos R. Vásquez
9, Doug Harvey, Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach 01
10, Carolyn Castano, Asesinados United
11, Robert Crouch/Yann Novak, Untitled Landscape
12, Jess Minckley, In Conversation
13, Kristina Newhouse, ...or Where does the Guggenheim get off?
14, Carol Cheh, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers: An Evening of Re-Performances
15, Randall Leifer, A Pile of Ship
16, Calvin Phelps, Flirtation, Love, Passion, Hate, Separation
17, Ave Pildas, Paper Movies
18, Elizabeth DiGiovanni, The Light Bearers
19, Tim Christian, Juan Capistran
20, Salomon Huerta, untitled short stories
21, Annie Wharton, Cut/Paste: Collage as Methodology in Video Art
22, Ali Kheradyar, Mapping
24, John Souza, H Sculpture Show by Koh Byoung Ok
25, Barry Markowitz
26, Justin Moore, Infected Eye @ PØST
27, Gregory Kucera
28, Leonardo Bravo, Like a Soft Summer Rain
29, Young Chung, Commonwealth
30, Annie Buckley, Anarchy
31, Max Presneill, A Scattered Thought

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