Independence in Dependence

A performance collaboration by HK Zamani and Tomas Ruller.

Date: July 4, 11 AM - 12 PM, Los Angeles, 8 - 9 PM, Brno, Czech Republic

1904 E. 7th Place
LA CA 90021 USA
1 213 488 1280

Brno University of Technology
Rybarska 125/13/15
603 00 Brno, Czech Republic
+420 541 146 804

The Open Situation artists (Tomas Ruller and HK Zamani) will prepare a site specific session in action based on an idea by Martin Buber: “All true life is meeting. Meeting does not lay in time and space, but time and space lay in meeting.” Communication is based on attention. Everything is possible, and the gestures and relationships are points of reference, thus the shape of the atmosphere is formed. The performers will not act as a group. They do not have a script, nor do they tell a common story. Each has his own input, but with awareness of belonging together. Working together is carried out in real time and space, between history and future, across cultures and frontiers. The project is the continuation of the project Open Situation – European Project held in Prague in 1989, based on the principles of the School of Attention, Black Market and Ground Work. (Text from Prague Quadrennial 7 Catalogue)

HK Zamani and Tomas Ruller will perform simultaneously for a one-hour duration on July 4 at two locations, PØST, Los Angles and Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic. With the use of technology they will be either physically or virtually present at both locations.

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